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Nestled prominently in the Perry Lakes Estate and originally designed as a show-home, this double storey home displays some creative design solutions in response to its relatively small block size and the site conditions and restrictions present. This project was a winner at the 2016 Building Design Awards of WA and was ranked as a finalist in its category at the National Design Awards. Standout features of the home, commended by the judging panel, include the impressive transitions from indoors to outdoors. The walls of the home literally disappear through the use of doors that slide into the wall cavities, opening up the entire house to the outdoors. It has a great solar aspect and succeeds in its ability to separate and define spaces through clever utilisation of a "Void" space within the home.

Exterior timber cladding and raw finishes such as reconstituted rammed concrete bring a point of difference to the facade of the home and add an inviting sense of warmth, further enhancing the connection to the natural environment.

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